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Sparked by Cropper’s arrival in his care, Mike Towler has devoted much of his retirement to trying to work out how foxes think and feel about each other and the other species with which they interact. In other words, Mike has tried to get under the skin of the fox – to discover what makes them ‘tick’. Over the course of the past two decades, he has learnt a great deal about fox behaviour and society, much new to Science and much that revises our early interpretations and preconceptions of these animals. Mike has written and self-published several short books about his experiences, but the latest — My Friends the Foxes — is his most comprehensive attempt yet to describe and explain how foxes operate in over 130 pages with more than 100 colour photos.

My Friends the FoxesMending the Irreparable, Just About Me and Charlie Brown are available for free download from this website.  If you would prefer paperback copies of these books, please contact Mike directly.