My Friends the Foxes

cover_____There are many books about wildlife and much information is available on the Internet; but this volume examines an aspect virtually ignored elsewhere – the characters and personalities of wild species.

_____It offers the reader a different view, the opportunity to revise the conventional impression of our wild neighbours. It opens a window onto a world few are privileged to enjoy.

_____If it shatters illusions and corrects misconceptions then that can only be a beneficial outcome. Unlike much other published matter where the content stems from visual observation and human logical explanation; in this book the data comes from the sole totally reliable source – the animal itself. This has only been possible through the author’s close personal association with wildlife. All accounts are entirely factual.

_____This book comprises a collection of anecdotes covering over two decades of close association with wildlife, primarily foxes. It is my hope that it may cause people to amend their perception of other species; to abandon the belief that we are vastly superior; to appreciate that other species possess abilities that we lack, abilities that they are prepared to use for our benefit IF we will grant them respect and consideration. To make people realise that we could live in harmony with wildlife neighbours if we were less greedy and selfish, and that the wildlife will reciprocate. To awaken people to the fact that much of our ‘knowledge’ about other creatures is fiction based on myth.


Note: The download link above will open the PDF eBook in a new browser window.  To save it locally, right-click on the icon and select the ‘Save As’ option.  The PDF is 8.5mb.


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